Tuesday, December 28, 2010

...disheartened meow pokes out from a pile of paper...
well it's the end of the year and I, being a high school senior, have the ordeal of applying to colleges. I have one last week to finish all the applications. So I won't be posting here until January.  But hopefully after this I will have some new dolls to show :)
Happy early New Year everybody! 


There is a woman named Eva living in the UK, she creates beautiful textile jewelry pieces from hand dyed cloth using plants from her garden in a traditional English manner. The fabric designs are paired with antiqued sterling silver, vintage beads and semi-precious stones.
 В Англии есть девушка Ева, которая занимается выращиванием индиго, крашением тряпочек, а потом, их драпировкой на классический английский манер.
Эти манипуляции с листиками и тряпочками необыкновенно воздушны и фееричны.

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her blog
her site

Monday, December 27, 2010

Karen Nicol

Karen Nicol – A British textile designer. She primarily works on creating OOAK cloth for fashion houses like Givenchy and Matthew Williamson. Right now she's working towards creating textile representations of animals. So there you go :)

Karen Nicol – Aнглийский текстильный дизайнер. Она, в основном занимается созданием OOAK тканей для модных домов, таких как Givenchy и Matthew Williamson. В тканях ее работы щеголяет и эмир Катара и Папа Римский. Сейчас она работает в направлении создания текстильных изображений животных. Так что, то, что вы дальше увидите это тряпочки, ниточки, вышивка.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Stumbled on this amusing video. And here is another :)
Cлучайно нашла это видео. И ешё одно :)

And then for somethin cute
А вот вам маленькая драмма

Red from Hyunjoo Song on Vimeo.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Поздравляю с католическим Рождеством!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crispy Griffon

Recently I made a felted griffon but didn't have time to make the wings, and today I finished them :) He stands about 2.5 inches and his wingspan is about 4 inches. He doesn't have a name yet :( any ideas?
Я недавно зделала ыетого грифончика но неуспела доделать крылья. Сегодня руки наконецто дошли :) Имени у него покачто нету :Р

This is him without ears. He looked like an ant at this stage xD
Вот он до того как я добавила уши. Он был очень похож на муравья хD

And then the ears appeared!
А вот и ушки появились! 

The body is made by needle felting wool. His face and legs are made out of sculpy and the eyes are painted with acrylics. The wings are crocheted with sewed on feathers which were scavenged in Your Basic Bird shop in Berkeley. The arms are made of wire. All the separate parts are sewn.  
Тельцо зделанно из фетра. Личеко и ноги ис скалпи и окрашины акриловой краской. Крылья связанны крючком и сверху нашиты перья. Руки зделланны из проволоки. Все части пришиты.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Lunar Eclipse!

Lunar eclipse tonight! :D

you can go HERE to see the times for your area in US and Canada


National Geographic published an article about lunar eclipses. It talks about how they occur and a bit of history of beliefs related to the red moon.


Some more card sketches and the final results. The finals are all drawn/painted on 3" x 5" index cards :P I'm out of card stock

And here are the finished cards from the previous entry. Painted with gouache, thus the colors. I'm not quite happy with the results

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Holidays

A plan for the list for the listless words picture. Couple items are missing but this doodle was too small to add them, I'm going to draw a larger one. Reverting back to my childhood days I want to get gouache, sadly unlike Russia America seems to have a deficit of all paints that are not acrylic. But in any case once I get my gouache this word list picture will probably be one of the first to be painted :)

And now for some Christmas doodles. I got a urge this year to send all my friends hand made postcards so these are some ideas for them.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

a list for the listless

Yesterday I asked people to give me a list of objects to draw in one picture, so far I have this:

bowler hat ◘ mushrooms ◘ trumpet ◘ clock ◘ screwdriver ◘ mushroom-pencil-sharpener ◘ salamander ◘ panda bear ◘ guitar ◘ revolver ◘ cup of hot coco (with a ninja doing something to it) ◘ boulder ◘ zero ◘ one ◘ hot stove ◘ windmill ◘ baby ◘ duck ◘ scary doll ◘ space craft ◘ pie ◘ sword ◘ ukulele ◘ glockenspiel ◘ three-quarters of a mandarin orange ◘ bottle of rum or glass ◘ Pentium 4 processor ◘ fog eating me