Friday, July 13, 2012

Watercolors. Trying something new, a finished painting with more paint and less ink.

manboy of mine

Weeks, months, ago waking up at 8am was unthinkable for this manboy and a perfect reason to draw for me :) Sadly now he wakes up at 7 while I am lazily stretched out until 9 or 10 xD he doesn't draw though.
Summer summer summer! It is July, you know what happens in July? I turn 20 and start my life as a sophomore in college (the last happens in September).

Yesterday after work I got go to SF and see my awesome possum friend and amazing artist, Tiana! We went to a coffee shop where we got large bowls of hot chocolate adorned by a hat of fluffy white whipped cream...yum!

This is Tiana, she's going to go to MICA next year, yupyup you should check out her work on her TumblrBlog and DevianArt!

I haven't been on in a while, even though it's summer life is still busy. Here are some things from the past few months.