Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hello world!
On Friday I went to Wondercon with five of my friends. It was great! :D I met some friends from SOTA and in a big happy group we wondered around, sadly we didn't get into the Green Lantern panel, the line had been there from 3PM and the panel was at 5PM. It snaked in and out and around the block and across the street :P Never the less much fun was had and since we were coming straight from school we were all starving and thus we stopped by Mel's and feasted on delicious hamburgers. The night ended with a pile of teenagers rewatching Firefly.

This is one of the pieces for the Japan fundraiser. I will post others later. One is in .pdf format >.< because I scanned it at kinkos and another is not scanned. When I get the originals back I will post.
In total we raised more than $1000!

A doodle from yesterday. All disproportionate oh wells, I owe you guys art.

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